Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night I was napping on the floor thinking about this squirrel I almost got on my morning run—stupid leash—and then Gadget shows up. She’s older and she usually just ignores me, but I’ve been running, swimming and mountain biking a bunch and I think she totally noticed how fit I’m getting. We wrestled and chewed on the same lobster and she totally drank out of my water bowl. Too bad I didn’t have any extra treats sitting around.

Tonight I’m going trail running where there is this brown run-off swamp water that tastes great and is so much fun to run in. If I’m lucky there will be some dead animals on the trail to roll in.

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Jeremy said...

Oyster.... I 'd like to hear what you have been up 2009. How is the new year treating you? What do you think about Michael Phelps' indecent actions? How much do you miss me?

-Uncle Worm